Mike Tyson will be entering the world of pigeon racing

Mike Tyson, a life-long pigeon keeper, will be entering the world of pigeon racing. Animal Planet has announced a new series, “Taking on Tyson”, that will follow the former heavyweight champion as he trains his birds against the best racing-pigeon owners in New York, TvShark mediates.

It promises to bring audiences inside this intensely competitive & bizarrely fascinating world. Tyson says he can’t wait to get started: “I may have stopped fighting but I never stopped flying birds. It’s my first love.”

Ironically, it was his love of pigeons that first led Tyson to boxing. “I cleaned cages,” explains Tyson. “I was their go-fer. I couldn’t fly them off the roof. Big kids would come and steal them. I never hurt anybody until somebody hurt one of my birds.”

In the sport of pigeon racing, birds race long distances with thousands wagered on the outcome. Races can often be won and lost in seconds. Tyson will be assisted by a colorful team of experts as he cares, trains and races his birds.

“Mike will be the underdog this time but his passion for pigeons takes my breath away,” says Animal Planet Media President Marjorie Kaplan.

“To rear, train & race pigeons requires dedication and tenderness. For many pigeon racers, these avian athletes are the king of the bird world. Their intelligence, spirit, titanic bonders of loyalty and astounding homing ability sets them apart from other birds. We will film and, when everyone gets back, we will see what we have. We are just lucky to have Mike Tyson to show us around.”

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